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Welcome to Lebanon

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Welcome to Lebanon

Welcome to Lebanon! Discover the land where antiquity blends easily with the bustle of modern life; a place where the ancient Phoenicians, Romans, Ottomans, Arabs, and French have all left their mark. Walk through the streets and colorful markets of Lebanon, and take in the scents of the sea, our lush cedars, and the spices of our delicious cuisine. Lebanon is the pearl of the Middle East, where old meets new and cultures mix as East meets West.

Whether you are seeking luxury and comfort, tranquility or hustle and bustle, nature or nightlife, culture or fun,
Lebanon will delight your senses and offer you an unforgettable escape of a lifetime. Lebanon's people are warm and open and will welcome you into their lives as a member of the family. Lebanon can offer a safe and peaceful getaway just hours from the capitals of the world’s most influential business centers.

Lebanon is a country reborn. Our new infrastructure and investment of hotels in Lebanon, restaurants, shopping complexes, roads, and telecommunications services have a backdrop of pristine coastline and lush mountains. Lebanon's year-round comfortable climate and diversity of cultural activities offer visitors more than just a summer getaway. From world-class cultural heritage sites, to modern spas, to ecotourism, there is something for everyone in Lebanon. Welcome.


Beirut, the Lebanon’s capital city, is a vibrant, stylish metropolis, with all of the fun, fashion, and flair that a city lover could look for. All over the city of Beirut, sleek, modern buildings are springing up, alongside arabesque Ottoman and French-style buildings, giving Beirut a unique style that is all its own. Perched on the shore of the blue Mediterranean Sea, Beirut has a balmy, mild climate that is perfect for year round visits. From sipping coffee at an open air café, to shopping for cutting edge fashions at a boutique shop, to exploring the treasures of the country’s National Museum, to dancing the night away at a trendy club, Beirut has something to offer for everyone.

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